Drupal learning resources

Drupal learning resources


Drupalize.me (opens in a new tab)

Keeps up-to-date tutorials that you can rely on. The team behind is from Lullabot.

The first articles and videos from their user guides are free, the full access is a paying service, but it will save hours of work to get fast access to quality resources. Topics covered: site building, development, theming, migration, ...

There are free videos of the Drupal User Guide (opens in a new tab) that covers everything that you need to known to get started with Drupal.

Drupal.tv (opens in a new tab)

Drupal.tv was created by students of the career-changing Debug Academy and is currently maintained by its staff, alumni, and supporters.



Oh yes, you have more than enough mails, but if there is one single newsletter that you have to subscribe to, it is The Weekly Drop (opens in a new tab) - a weekly newsletter that curates Drupal articles, tutorials, podcasts, jobs, core and modules updates without the hours of browsing.

The Drop Times (opens in a new tab) - Drupal news

Other resources


There is not enough space to list all Drupal blogs, so here is a short list, among others:

For more blogs, check out Planet Drupal (opens in a new tab).

Need some help?

If you have an issue with a contributed project or the Drupal core, check the issue queue (opens in a new tab) first.

All the Drupalistas from StackOverflow are on Drupal Answers (opens in a new tab) so if you have a question that is not already covered by the issue queue, post it there.

But wait, there is more!

The Drupal community is also organizing events all over the world, so there is always a place to meet and if you do not have the opportunity to move, check Slack (opens in a new tab).